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Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2017 | Premio dei Premi, Palazzo Montecitorio

iGuzzini Nuvola

iGuzzini Illuminazione Spa
Piano Design Workshop

Compasso d'oro ADI 1998

IF Design Award 1997

iGuzzini Le Perroquet

iGuzzini Illuminazione Spa
Piano Design Workshop

Selezione d'Onore Compasso d'oro ADI 2001

IF Design Award 2001

F.lli Frattini Cayen

Rubinetterie F.lli Frattini Spa
Ergo Design

ADI Design Index 2004

Selezione Premio Comfort & Design 2004

Fip Valvola DK DN

Fip Spa | Aliaxis Group
Ergo Design

Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2017 | Premio dei Premi

Premio per l'Innovazione ADI e ADI Design Index 2016

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We are Partners

We are well aware of the strengths and critical points of the Italian productive fabric. Since 2010 we are members of ADI Associazione per il Design Industriale, we are members of the board of directors of ADI Liguria and our co-founder Enrico Gollo was its president from 2010 to 2016.
We are the ideal point of contact between the productive world and important research institutions, having carried out various projects in collaboration with the University of Genoa and the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy.

In more than 20 years of activity we have selected a chain of quality partners for mass production of precision mechanics, electronics and mechatronics. We have called all this

We are Inventors

We are persons

Enrico Gollo
Founder, CEO
Since graduating in architecture, he has dedicated himself entirely to his passion for industrial design, seeing it as an added value for a sustainable development of the economy in the area and as a vehicle for promoting Made in Italy. Member of the board of directors of ADI Liguria, he was its president from 2010 to 2016.
Stefano Arecco
Founder, CTO
A researcher born for fun as a child experimenting with electricity and materials, over the years he transformed his passion into work, acquiring an incomparable multidisciplinary know-how in electronics and electrotechnology, mechanics, hydraulics and fluid dynamics, chemistry and physics, mineralogy and geology, history of ancient technology.
Fabio Giardina
Chief Marketing Officer
He is strategic consultant responsible for the international network of business development and provides multidisciplinary advice on market positioning, premium marketing and digital communication.
Prof. Paolo Piccardo
Scientific Consultant
Associate Professor at the Universities of Genoa and Bordeaux and Associate Researcher at the CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, he is a strategic collaborator in scientific matters for the study of materials and point of contact with international research realities.
Dario Biamino
Production Consultant
Director of production at the company Biamino e Figli Spa in Genoa, he is our strategic consultant for the design, programming and mass production of electronic boards and circuits.
Antonio Parodi
Production Consultant
CEO at the company LMP Srl in Genoa, Italy, he is our strategic consultant for the mass production of precision mechanics components with CNC cad/cam machines.
Luciano Traverso
Production Consultant
CEO at the company T.M.S. in Genoa, he is our strategic consultant for galvanic treatments and electrochemical depositions of metals.
Paolo Giannini
Production Consultant
CEO at the company OAG Srl in Genoa, Italy, is our strategic consultant for the mass production of plastic components.
Alessio Vignon
Production Consultant
Technical Director at Co.g.i.m. company in Genoa, he is our strategic consultant for laser cutting of metals and iron carpentry processing.
Francesco Bianco
3D Modeling Engineer
Graduated with top marks in Design & Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he is a young strategic figure in design, product development and 3D modeling.
2000: The birth of Ergo Design
Enrico Gollo and Stefano Arecco consolidated their experience after their studies at RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop. From 1995 to 1999 they were partners of PDW Piano Design Workshop, a design studio linked to RPBW, until they developed the need for their own space. In 2000 Ergo Design was born as industrial design laboratory founded and directed by Enrico Gollo and Stefano Arecco.

2019: The birth of Ergo Industrial
2019 is a year of profound revolution for the company, the foundations are laid for the new operational set-up that will take shape in 2019-2020. Here the Ergo Industrial division is born, the new platform for the marketing in Italy and abroad of products and machinery designed by the Ergo Design division.

2020: The birth of ItalMeccatronica
In 2020 the company reorganization plan was completed with the birth of ItalMeccatronica, a new brand for the production chain of electronics, precision mechanics and mechatronics 100% Made in Italy, which was born from the need to industrialize and mass produce projects for customers of the Ergo Design and Industrial divisions.

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Mechatronics Made in Italy
Made in Italy chain of industrialization and mass production of electronic equipment, precision mechanics and mechatronics.
Ergo Design S.r.l.
Via profondo 15/D, 16155 Genoa, Italy
VAT Number IT03836240105
Company capital 25,000€
REA 383.993 GE
Industrial Division
We sell machinery for industry designed and manufactured by Ergo Design and is specialized in the study of new materials thanks to Real Life Tester.
Design Division
We offer over 20 years of experience in industrial design and design for work, mechatronics solutions and reverse engineering.